The Saunas have beneficial effects for your health and well being Sauna enthusiasts may use Finnish, Turkish, infrared and herbal sauna. After the sauna you can rest with pleasant music, and tea, or enjoy the pleasant effects whirlpool.

FINNISH SAUNA ... excellent effect on your immune system …

Represent a traditional Finnish way to sweat. We should stay in sauna between 8 and 15 minutes, because of the high temperatures.  After sweating it is recommended to cool down the body temperature in cold water.  Between the another visit of the sauna is at least 15 minutes of break.

INFRA RED SAUNA ... promotion of health ...

INFRARED SAUNA is used for medical purposes in hospitals and health spas. Elimination of body toxins in the infrared sauna is three times higher than in conventional (Finnish) saunas.

HERBAL SAUNA ... the power of natural herbs …

 Herbal sauna is it a combination of dry and wet saunas in one piece. The essence of the herbal sauna is to reach a temperature of 60 ° C and humidity up to 65%. Especially for older population and those who wants to inhale and enjoy the smell of herbs.

TURKISH SAUNA ... the natural way to clean the skin ...

 Steam bath is a process in which steam acts on the whole body. In order to achieve a steam sauna to digestion and elimination of harmful toxic residues of metabolic and pathological material. In addition, generally elicit vivid skin functioning and thus affects the entire organism.

Sauna restroom

In the restroom we have to 40 lounge chairs so you can relax after a sauna session.

We also offer you some Tee, water and fruits. 

Cooling pool and the sauna terrace

In the pool with a temperature of 19 °C you can cool your body and go on the terrace to catch some fresh air or to sunbath.