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À la carte restaurant and hotel restaurant with ORGANIC food corner …

The à la carte restaurant is the place where you can enjoy genuine culinary delights for individuals, as well as groups. Its elegant and romantic ambience with a rich selection of traditional Slovenian dishes and dishes from the Prlekija region, Mediterranean cuisine and sophisticated flambé specialties can satisfy any taste. Next to the à la carte restaurant is the hotel’s self-service restaurant that among others also offers health and organically grown food.

Prleška wine cellar

The place where you can indulge in world-renowned and excellent wines of the Prlekija region. The intoxicating aroma, excellent wine selection and experienced sommeliers will make sure that you will have the wine tasting experience worth remembering. The wine cellar hosts renowned wine growers from around Slovenia which give you the opportunity to get acquainted with the wines and to share with you their knowledge and thoughts on the wine.

You can purchase the exquisite wines offered by the wine cellar and present them to those close to you, your friends or business partners. Upon prior arrangement we can organize individual and group wine tasting accompanied by an excellent food selection prepared by our chefs.