Bioterme Thermal Water Park


The outdoor swimming pool, river and children's pool are closed!

Expected to open again at the end of June 2023!
Thank you for your understanding!


Indoor pools in the Thermal park Bioterme

In the indoor swimming pool complex, 600 m2 of water surface is available in five indoor pools with a water temperature between 30°C and 36°C.
Sauna lovers will be able to pamper themselves in indoor and outdoor Finnish, Turkish, infrared and herbal saunas.
Various massage techniques are available to hotel and external guests, with which you will restore the balance of body, mind and well-being.
Exercising in a modernly equipped fitness center is suitable for all periods of life. There is also a buffet restaurant in the thermal park with a rich selection of food and drinks.
Outdoor pools in the thermal park Bioterme
For relaxation and recreation, 1,400 m2 of outdoor water surfaces in five pools with a water temperature between 30°C and 36°C are available to our guests. You can enjoy the joys of the rushing river, swimming and multipurpose pools, massage pools, relaxation pools, a pleasant cove and a children's pool.
On the sunbathing terraces, green grassy areas and in the pleasant cool shade of the trees, you will find a moment to rest and get in touch with yourself.
Recommended for:
  • degenerative chronic change of the spine and limb joints,
  • rheumatic diseases,
  • physiotherapy after insufficient medical treatment,
  • reflex dystrophy, muscle flaccidity reinforcement,
  • preventive exercises for spine and joints, and physical therapy to prevent osteoporosis,
  • recreation, underwater massage, sport activities.
It is one of the few drinkable thermal waters and is suitable for peroral treatment, for soothing the stomach, bleary and urinary disorders and promotes well-being.

The healing effects of the water are classified and adopted within the Decision on Natural Medicinal Product Proclamation of the Ministry of Health No. 1612-9/2009/13., Janez Kraševec, MD., Balneologist that has
been investigating the therapeutic effects of thermal water.
There is also a modern health center at the Bioterme**** hotel where  dental services, ecological pharmacy and therapeutic massages are offered.